Top 10 CSGO Gambling Sites with CSGO Roulette, Coinflip, Jackpot and Crash!

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CS:GO Live CSGOLive is case opening site out of many other csgo gambling sites and it's trusted by McSkillet! You can open different cases with different prices, so there's something for everyone! (5 out of 5) PLAY NOW - USE CODE ShopWithCoupons
Society.GG Society.GG has a very funny theme and nice music! It offers a lot of gambling games such as crash, roulette and dice! (5 out of 5) PLAY NOW - Click & Sign in for free coins
Skinhub Skinhub is a beautiful designed case opening website. You can open many different cases and even make your own one, how awesome is that! (5 out of 5) PLAY NOW - USE CODE ShopWithCoupons
SkinArena SkinArena is a very cool dark-themed gambling website. Their site is all about raffle and coinflip. (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - Click & Sign in for free coins
Emerald.GG Emerald.GG has a beautiful design in, it's dark just like SkinArena. Emerald.GG is a csgo case opening site where you can win a lot of csgo skins. (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - USE CODE ShopCoupon
First off, Skinup has done a great job on building their website, their design is really eye catching! Skinup offers a variety of games to play, like csgo crash, roulette, mines and dice! If you win coins, you can buy csgo skins and get them in your inventory! (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - USE CODE ShopWithCoupons
CSGO500 Another Dark-Themed website! Love it! CSGO500 is a gambling site that is all about csgo roulette. They modified the roulette game by adding and changing values of bet options. In this case, grey will multiply your bet by 2, red by 3, blue by 5 and gold by a whopping 50! (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - USE CODE ShopWithCoupons
CSGOCrash CSGOCrash is a well working site with multiple servers for optimal performance. It also has a Teamspeak 3 server! The name spoilers it already, on CSGOCrash you can play the crash betting game, which is basically a multiplier that can stop at any time. (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - USE CODE KEE-20298
CS:GO Fast CS:GO Fast is a csgo gambling site that has a unique design. It's way different from the competition which makes it special. This gambling site offers games such as jackpot, roulette, RPS, slot and match betting Buy a variety of skins in the store and become the richest csgo player! (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - Click & Sign in for free coins
CSGOChance CSGOChance has a really classic theme, which looks really cool! On this csgo gambling site you can play TeamUp, jackpot, and double. (4 out of 5) PLAY NOW - Click & Sign in for free coins


Valve has implemented a revolutionary feauture in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we call them CSGO skins. Every weapon has skins which can be found in cases or on csgo gambling sites. A recent study by has revealed the odds of Valve CS:GO cases:

  • Blue Skins 79.92%
  • Purple Skins 15.98%
  • Pink Skins 3.2%
  • Red Skins 0.64%
  • Yellow Skins 0.26%

As you can conclude, these odds are really bad for the one opening the case. In CSGO, skin gambling is the use of virtual goods like CSGO skins, as a virtual currency to bet on the outcome of professional matches or on other csgo betting games like csgo roulette, csgo coinflip, csgo jackpot and csgo crash. The CSGO Skin gambling industry was estimated to handle around $5 billion of the csgo skins in 2016. We have discovered that almost 75% of existing csgo gambling sites are totally rigged and we want to protect you for them! Don’t spend too much time gambling and only gamble with skins you don’t care about if you’d lose them, if you are addicted to gambling please visit for help. Use our Top 10 List so that you can ensure you’re playing on legit csgo gambling sites!


Almost all CSGO gambling sites offer a way to get some free start up coins through promo codes. Therefore, we have created our own promo codes for you to use on our top 10 list!


Many CSGO gambling sites offer a variety of casino games to play, but not with real money, you can use your csgo skins! See our csgo top gambling sites list for more information!


CSGO Roulette is by far the most popular gambling game in today’s world and its popularity keeps increasing. The reason of its popularity is because of its simplicity and the 14* multiplier. In CSGO roulette, most of the time, there are 3 colours to bet on: red, black or green. Red en black will multiply your bet with 2 and green with a whopping 14 times!

Easiest game found on CSGO Gambling Sites: CSGO COINFLIP!

This game is one of the most easy games you will ever find on csgo gambling sites. In this gamemode there are 2 sides of the coin you can bet on, the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. If you’re correct you will get the other person’s bet amount. Fast and fun!


In CS:GO Jackpot games players put their skins in a pot, as a result 1 person will win the whole pot with all the skins! This game is fun because you can also win with bad skins! The higher the value of the skin you’re betting with, the higher the chance is that you win the jackpot. I personally really like csgo jackpot, because you can make a huge profit from such a little investment!


A player can place a bet and see the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! You can choose when you want to cash out, however be careful, the multiplier can crash at anytime and if you haven’t cashed out before that you will lose your bet amount! I absolutely enjoy this csgo betting game, because it’s so risky and you never know when to actually cash out!